Fruity Essential Oils - 10 Piece Set

Fruity Essential Oils - 10 Piece Set

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Essential oils are used in aromatherapy which supports wellbeing and health.

The essential oil benefits are endless. Different scents have their different benefits. As a collective essential oils are;

  • calming and relaxing to help relieve anxiety 
  • soothing to help improve sleep 
  • mood balancing and improving 
  • moisturising and rejuvenating to enhance and replenish the skin 
  • refreshing and revitalising to hydrate the body 
  • aids concentration 


The fruity selection also have the benefits of some of your favourite scents too.

  • Cherry: has a relaxing and calming aroma, which will soothe and ease the mind and body.
  • Coconut: is good for boosting and renewing the skin. 
  • Lemon: a fresh and clean aroma, an uplifting scent which is good for easing stress. 
  • Lime: light and uplifting, which boosts immunity, reduces stress and improves concentration. 
  • Mango: a relaxing and calming scent to soothe the body and ease the mind. 
  • Passion fruit: an uplifting scent for a mood boosting effect. 
  • Strawberry: reduces fatigue and balances emotions.
  • Sweet orange: moisturises the air and skin, to relieve stress and tension and improve the quality of sleep.
  • Watermelon: is a mood boosting scent, which detoxifies and moisturises.
  • Apple: a sweet scent, which regenerates and nourishes the skin and environment.

The package includes:

10 x 10ml bottles of the fruity fragrance oils. 


Disclaimer: The health benefits are claims associated with these scents. We do not guarantee the health benefits and recommend that if you have a major health problem, to seek medical assistance and do not rely solely on the essential oils.